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Check out my review of Paramore from Irvine’s Verizon Wireless Amphitheater for the OC Weekly! Part of the Monumentour with Fall Out Boy, but it was all about Paramore on Saturday, August 16. Nothing else mattered.

The photos are by Christopher Victorio.

Is LA more punk than NY? I think so. Read this piece I wrote on the 10 reasons why:

Fighting words, so respond with fighting words. Or just stay away.

Skating Polly at Burger a-go-go looking like members of the Manson Family…

Photo by Leonard Drorian / Instagram: @len_dro

My review of Saturday’s girl rock fest, Burger a-go-go for the LA Weekly:

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Dee Dee at Burger a-g-go. Steel…

Burger a-go-go was rad. Here is my review of the whole experience.

PS - Colleen Green sold that “FEMALE” t-shirt for $20 dollars. Girl did some bidness’!!




yep, friendzone, we’ve all been there…

August 8th

cannot wait to actually play this on Aug 8 while getting blown up jogging Venice partially buzzed.

Urban Struggle

laughing at how good the past was…

The Ramones are the most overrated punk band of all time. Their music lives only because people follow the order like sheep—nobody has the yarbles to say it, but the Sex Pistols were the first real punk band that stood for anything. Were they first in terms of chronology? Were they part of the inaugural acts at CBGB? No, they came after the NY wave, but they stood for something, they had a core, they were scary—-the Ramones ripped of the Velvet’s look, created cheesy catch phrases, had Johnny Ramone (the antithesis of punk) and never actually influenced anyone beyond the fact that many punk bands in the ’80s and ’90s thought: “hey I can be in band, since obviously, you don’t need to know how to play an instrument.”

They’re endearing legacy is they invented the fast, sped up Chuck Berry riffs sound of punk. But anyone that has studied or lived punk knows, it’s not about breakneck speed or borrowing from doo-wop sound signatures, no, it’s about anarchy, nihilism, attitude, fearlessness, anti-corporatism, anti-capitalism—the Sex Pistols, not the guitar player of the Ramones, who was a republican, and by all accounts, a corporate whore that never stood for anything except hate and bad taste, a terrible book, and an ability to rip off the Beatles, the Beach Boys, and even everything that happened in the ’50s as if that was somehow “punk.” 

Sex Pistols, the Germs…they were punk. The Ramones were a hobby shop novelty item that came around at the right time, right place, and they’re best work just ripped off the Beach Boys and made it faster.

-Art Tavana