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If this ends up being my only post that’s unrelated to music, it’s worth it. Here are the last public words spoken by the Ultimate Warrior, before his death today of yet to be determined causes. RIP, Warrior, we will miss you. 

Remember when the Sunset Strip would give bands their start? 

KXLU intern is depressed.

Dear Clavin Sisters - Marry me, both of yoooz. 


Mac DeMarco at Burgerama III

Chicks on skateboards: One of the many reasons why I need to return to Barcelona this summer. 

Chicks on skateboards: One of the many reasons why I need to return to Barcelona this summer. 

MLB Opening Day playlist from Mashable is glorious. Thank God for this sport and the people who love it.

Miguel Co makes beautiful drawings.

Elvis in the army was way cooler than anyone else in the army, ever. 

New Juliette Lewis t-shirt will become my first and only tattoo.

Dr. Dre’s letter to his girlfriend is an ode to the word “f**k,” gansta’ rap ethos, ‘pac,’ and “getting up in that.”

Sure, it came out three years ago, but like the writer at Bullett who reblogged it — I don’t give a f**k. 

"The Shins will change your life" moment is always special. I took my first real girlfriend to this movie, and even though she’s not with me anymore and probably doesn’t like me very much, this is the moment that changed her, hell, it changed me. I will never forget it.

Hangen’ out with Mr Little Jeans at Capitol Records while profiling her. I didn’t take this photo, although I wish I had. More to come from my interview with this mysterious Nordic electro-pop musician soon!

Support the Church on York this Wednesday by signing the following petition to help them get the permits they need to operate more freely! 

Here is a link. More information below: 

On Wednesday, March 26th, at 10:30, in room 1020, at City Hall in Los Angeles, The Church On York will have their hearing for their permits.

The permits will allow a restaurant with beer & wine only. Live entertainment & dancing permit too. The amplified noise will go to 10PM on the weekdays, if not acoustic, & 12AM on the weekends. Our hours of operation will be 11AM-12AM on the weekdays & 11AM-1AM on the weekends.

Some in the Highland Park community are concerned about having another beer & wine establishment in the neighborhood, however, we The Church On York, are an arts facility that has already provided free music lessons, AA meetings & more. In order for us to continue to provide free programming & bring world renowned artists, we need to have all sources of revenue available. The unfortunate reality of arts in America, is that there is ZERO funding for it. Thus, whether a non profit theater, music venue, comedy club, museum, etc, most of these facilities offer beer, wine, food & more to help fund the space & programming.

We’ve also volunteered over 25 conditions. Including, putting a crosswalk at Ave 49 & York. Offsite parking. Sound mitigation on the building & more.

The Church On York is here to work for the community. We hope you are as excited as we are to bring a new space, where anything is possible.

If you support us, please sign the petition below & if you can come to our hearing:

WHEN: Wednesday March 26th

TIME: 10:30AM

WHERE: City Hall / Room 1020

The Petition states the following:

We support the City of Los Angeles to allow The Church on York to serve beer & wine, live entertainment & dancing. We want to see this space exist & we know that The Church On York, needs the permits to fulfill their mission, of providing free art workshops, AA meetings, theater, films, comedy, music & more.